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                        Jinghai Chenguang is identified as “Three Famous" cultivation pilotenterprises

                        作者:寧波金海晨光化學(xué)股份有限公司 日期:2018-04-18 09:18:35 點(diǎn)擊數:

                        In February 2018, Jinghai Chenguang was  identified by Ningbo Economic and InformationCommission as the third batch of “Three Famous" cultivation pilotenterprises. The "Three Famous" is the recognition of thecomprehensive strength of an enterprise referring with the characteristics of"well-known enterprises, well-known brands, well-known entrepreneurs".Over the years, the company has already become an integrated enterprise withconsiderable advantages in the separation and comprehensive utilization of C5. adheringto the core values of "Quality Better, Service Better, Technology-oriented,Being excellence", and keeping to make great efforts on quality andservice.